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Please click this link to view my new blog : “TokyoamaStyle” For Style, Styling, Style tips, Vintage finds & Stores & Trends in Tokyo, Art and much more.

Thank you for reading as always..

keep Blogging & stay Stylish

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Styling in B/W for a Music PV

So about 1 week ago I was asked to style a music promotional video.

key words for inspiration = Black&white

So I do what I always do! Search Google&Magazines for ideas! I wish I had my ma’s Vogue collection at times like this.
I guess I’ll have to work with what I’ve got!

Here are a few snap shots…


















































you get the point…

keep creating & stay Stylish

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Vintage finds & wanted items!

These days I don’t shop half as much as I used to or read blogs for that matter.
So I’ve decided to start blogging to keep this virtual diary space to see my progress as I step towards my dreams.

Life is an unknown quantity so it’s important to do what makes you happy and for me… Shopping or as I like to call it “Retail Therapy” is what really floats my boat!

So welcome to the world of Tokyoama…
Greetings from Japan!

This weeks Vintage Finds

Everyone has a biker jacket these days including me so I thought I’d go for that 80s style Shoulder Pad look that I love so much.

I am a lover of all thing 80s & Vintage (say no more!)
I found this fabulous Black leather jacket with a Lattice Shoulder detail that I absolutely had to buy.

Next Shopping trip list…
Scarf Print Blouse/Collar

Bum bag

I saw an old Bum Bag while I was at home in England over Christmas so hopefully then next time I’m in Harajuku on Sunday I’ll be able to find a Colour block one just like this or any of these below. Of course I’d love to add the Moschino bag to my collection!


Fashion trends always come full circle and right now the British Punk 80s look is “in”!
I have always stood by what I love wearing whether it’s a trend or not colourful or not and to be honest fashion trends come and go so quickly I can’t or don’t actually want to keep up!
I will always look up to style iCons not only for what they wear but how they carry themselves and the things they say. For example Coco Chanel is top of my list as a strong woman & entrepreneur I admire the direction she steered what we know today as fashion as it came from her personal style&tastes and dislike of corsets which were THE fashion trend of her time.

So if you like what you see keep reading and watching where I shop & what I find in and around Tokyo.

Being unique is a great attribute…
Keep Shopping & stay Stylish

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New Year & A Bright Start

Well, well, well… it’s been ages since I posted! But I’ve decided to start blogging again so I’m back by popular demand.
I have a great feeling about this year!
I hope that this year will be the start of something great. I have several projects in the works, but things will become clear in due time.
As I do every year, I clear out my wardrobe…

This is what I found


Pink Chemical Vest #Vintage
Neon Green Bodycon #Topshop Cobalt Blue Tights #F21 Red Belt #Moschino MultiColored Purse #Vintage

There is absolutely a theme to my style as with all creatively mad people like myself we cannot fit into a box but
“Vintage, Street and Chic!” best describes me.

If like many you have joined the crazy people out there and use INSTAGRAM feel free to add me @tokyoama of course for sneak peek blog posts!!

My blog will now feature style & fashion following my motto that “Style Creates Fashion” updates delving deeper into my thoughts on stores in Tokyo, vintage finds, trends and all things fashion worthy if I love or hate them.

Recent inspiration…









I still don’t see why Creepers are such a huge trend! I think they are one of THE ugliest shoes EVER!
But the Heeled black version by Jeffery Campbell could persuade me to buy a pair! I have always been into wearing vivid colours wearing. In Tokyo it’s pretty easy to spot me among all the boring suited people in black and grey! No wonder people are so depressed over here!
Maybe if they added a bit of colour to their life things would be brighter literally.
After attending JFW late last year I feel I have a better understanding of house fashion works in Japan. Last year was devastating for everyone after 3/11.

That’s why I’ve started my first blog post with a Vivid colour theme in the hope of a bright future.

Your Destiny is in your hands…
Keep dreaming & stay Stylish

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I ♥ sushi…

It may be my last for while!

I had no idea while eating this that so much disaster would be forced upon Japan and it’s North east region.

I remember enjoying ever piece of raw fish not thinking about the next time, but now there is serious doubt about the shortage of food and all commodities in Japan. Everyone is going crazy, buying up EVERYTHING at their local supermarkets and of course first to do is always toilet paper, something we also take for granted!

As I’m typing another earthquake just took place! I’m really scared right now… (A M6.0 in Shizuoka prefecture)


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Emmanuelle Alt’s first cover for French Vogue


Laced in Dolce & Gabbana in St. Barts by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matatin.

Not a surprise at all. Who in their right mind wouldn’t use Gisele the highest paid supermodel on their first ever Vogue cover. Seeming has she has already graced I’d say more than 100, it will definitely sell we can be sure of that!

The ONLY option.

I have to say the Dress looks stunning, I was a little surprised to see the whole collection made of  white ‘pretty little dress‘, but its very fairy-like and almost dreamy looking which is very fitting for the beginning of spring. Let’s hope we reach spring at this rate…

If you enjoy reading about fashion and want to take your mind of this terribly pressing catastrophe we are facing check out the new VOGUE Paris March 25.

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HIT the Runway…

Ciggy in Hand!

My STYLE iCon looking as she does… PERFECT! (minus the ciggy which I actually hate, but somehow she makes it look ever so elegant.)

Not only Kate Moss graced LV’s latest runway show, but she was joined by her 90’s partner in crime Naomi Campbell for Marc Jacobs’s Show for Louis Vuitton. An alarming herd of 67 models in total walked the walk and were ferried up to the stage in four gilded elevators, flanked by bellboys.


Now that is what I call a Runway SHOW!

Reading Marc Jacobs’s comments really emphasised my point about the fact that people just want anything with the “LV” logo on it! No matter the shape, colour or design. And that is what he also agreed with. He said

“…the public’s insatiable desire for everything with the LV logo sparked the idea for the collection. There’s this crazy, almost irrational desire for these objects, these things we create,” Jacobs told a scrum of journalists in a frenzied backstage interview.

“We were thinking about obsession, fetishism and we thought about an old hotel, with its chambermaids and the affairs that go on there, the crimes and scandals. And we just wanted to reveal all the amazing creatures who passed through there,” he said.

He is one of my greatest designer gurus and his latest collection is one I’m in utter awe of right now.

The collection’s break down so to speak…

Hourglass shaped coats in tweed and slick patent leather were worn with thigh-high stockings – and NOTHING else. A favourite of mine I must add.

Black bustiers were layered over demure A-line skirts worn with shirts with round white collars.

A black dress embroidered with sequins looked innocent enough until the model turned the corner, revealing her handcuff-bound wrists.

And what better way to end this marvelous collection than a Style iCon KATE MOSS to glide down the runway waving a ciggy, wearing the creation of the iCon MARC JACOBS who creates “fashion” as we know it today.


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The Mademoiselle Chanel Campaign

Starring | Blake Lively


The latest muse of Karl Largarfeld says

“It is an honor to be selected by Karl Lagerfeld to represent the new line of ‘MADEMOISELLE’ handbags”

For months there have been images of the pair floating around the internet and now we know why!

It looks like the trademark MATERIALS & COLORS of CHANEL continue to be ever so fashion forward looking, by presenting us with exquisite stitching.

The “MADEMOISELLE” bags leather uses refined calfskin and lambskin I’m sure. But these days who really knows where the high end brands gets their “High quality” materials which require such huge price tags!? It beats me, although Blake has a rather usual sophisticated approach to this campaign. I personally would have gone for the bubbly Gossip Girl appeal that she has and is best know for. Still equally charming as she gazes into the mirror holding that alarming RED, but just as elegant famous quilted chain bag, which I still have yet to purchase to date!


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The 5th Largest Earthquake in History!!

Happened Yesterday in Japan!

I still can’t believe how today transpired, I woke up to the shaking sound of my man’s voice and now will go to sleep to the shaking of the floor and walls.
Even though the Tohoku earthquake happened at 14:47pm in Miyagi prefecture, Japan. We may not have seen the worst! Fires still burning in Chiba, kesennuma and no doubt in miyagi aswell.

I won’t forget my conversation as it hit…
“This feels strange, bigger than usual!”
“Oh no, don’t worry this always happens in Japan.”
“I think we should go outside!” I persisted.
“No, it will stop in a minute.”
As I grabbed my Biker jacket, iPhone and YSL bag… Others rushed passed me to the fire escape. I looked down the corridor and at the reception a girl was under the table, clinging to the pole frozen and not responding or moving. One of the guys grabbed her. We moved down the stairs, shaking vigorously now.
Finally reached the ground floor as we were on the 3rd floor. And as we walked to the car park.
First thing I did, call my man… My mum! No signal! I hate softbank, the network sucks!
Next facebook, thank god for Mark Zucherburg I could reach my man, family and friends! Then twitter thank you whoever invented it, I could get updates on the Latest events and contact more friends.

Back to my account of events…
We were surrounded by buildings and every single one was rocking side to side, I mean even 10 storey buildings. The telephone cable poles were swaying! And still people remained inside!
Seriously… Is work really that important?

So after the first, another…. And till I couldn’t count how many quakes! I was really quite scared! Although I was the only one to pick up
My phone etc, I didn’t think to film it!








(Tsunami occurred after the earthquake hit just off the the coast of Miyagi Prefecture. These pictures are from Sendai in Northwest Japan, 250miles from Tokyo)

Finally after 2hrs the crowds dispersed and we waiting in a cafe to hear news from our boss. But no word came so we decided to make our way home. Although, guess what? No trains were operating surprise, surprise.
So we walked to Iidabashi and I have to admit looking back it might have been a little mindless, but I stopped to shop! What? They had Adidas sneakers on sale from ¥2,000-4,000 but the queue was too long to wait. And stopped by a convenience store…which was almost empty!

Trust me you can’t believe how many pedestrians lined the streets!

And that’s my account.
I’m still in Tokyo because the trains only started running again from around 10pm and Toyoko line started later and we couldn’t get a Taxi because of course they were all full and the Traffic was horrendous!

So I’m chilling with my man and his people in Shinjuku.

Watching the News!
Let’s hope the trains start early… I’m so worried about the dogs.

My heart goes out to the families who have lost loved ones.
At the moment more than 300dead and still at least 500missing and the number is increasing every minute.

Thank the powers that be for allowing me to see another day.

Remember you only live once don’t take it for granted.

I love my family & friends so much and thank you for all your enquires and kind words.

I’m fine, I’m alive!!

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