Transformers 3

predicted to be released in 2011

I think they make a great team&couple on screen… SHIA LEBEOUF is a great actor too!! I Love Transformers! And No, not just because hearthrob Tyrese is apart of it believe it or not.

Transformer 1 Trailer

“It’s probably Japanese!”… I still remember that quote, we all cracked up in cinema (but everyone was silent *awkward*)

Transformers 2 Trailer

↓Look for yourself↓

I think Megan Fox did a great job in 1&2

Why change one of the cast especially in a leading role of a Hollywood Smash Hit!

Not only is she Drop dead gorgeous, she can also act! Which is a rear combination these days!

How are they going to Replace MEGAN FOX, you may ask?

With an English Beauty aka Rosie Huntington-Whiteley “Victoria Secrets” Model!!!!!

Of course there have been mixed reviews…


Apparently you don’t need acting skills these days to have a leading role in a Hollywood movie! Well I guess at least she’s better than Heidi Montag who I also heard Auditions or rather applied for the role!! Whatever next…

Can she give Megan Fox a run for her money?
what do you think?

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