****The Fabulous SATC2****

“What happens after you say I do!?”

….How much fun
……Forbidden can be”

FINALLY I managed to take at trip BURG 13

In the End 2010…

In the beginning  1986…

The movie was FABULOUS….I don’t want to ruin it for you

but the “WEDDING” was out of this world!!!!

Single ladies at the “Wedding” performed by Liza Minnelli

I’m such an old ROMANTIC at heart…

That’s why I love old black&white movies, Audrey Hepburn is one of my favourite idols of all time and things only get better with age in my opinion.
↓Check out this movie↓

“It happened one night”

-CLARK GABLE one of the greats from the 30s

One of my favourite scenes&things to do KARAOKE!!

I am women – karaoke song

THAT moment….

I can totally empathize with Carries as “I am Carrie”. It’s difficult to forget about past relationships. Plus her&Aiden were great, but the past is there for a reason and an EX is an EX for a reason!

However Carrie&BIG finally made it…

“You’re not like other women,man are you not!” – Mr.Big

That’s the biggest compliment you could ever get from a man, in my opinion…and I’m happy to say that I’ve heard it a couple of times! Uniqueness is my goal, I aim&live to be different.

Beethoven’s beautiful Quote…

…Even mine
Ever thine
Ever ours
Great idea for wedding vows.

The MOVIE was just what I expected, a lil predictable, but it had to be really to keep the audience engaged.

A beautiful Love song….

True colours performed by Cyndi Lauper

Is it true… 秘すれば花 ?

My feelings about the 3 word “I Love You”….as long as you show it, words don’t matter! Too many people these days throw the words around without even thinking about what they mean.

Mr.BIG NEVER said I LOVE YOU in 10years…

but everyone knew they were meant to be together.

My word on Love is…

If it’s meant to be, it will be.

What do you think? Have you seen SATC or SATC2 yet?

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