A Wig TOO Far!

Claudia Schiffer

In HOT water over this Snap…

Did she have to put on THAT wig???

Now some images can be lost but never forgotten, even if it was 3 years ago!

The German supermodel is currently the center of attention thanks to the latest “racial” row over this image of her taken in an AFRO&”blackface” by Karl LARGERFELD

She was evidently expressing the different lifestyles women yearn for to illustrate the concept ideas for a Dom Perignon ad campaign

Seen as a Secretary, an Asian girl, Marie Antoinette as well as herself here

The image of Claudia Schiffer wearing an Afro & dark Make-Up on one of six covers for the 60th anniversary issue of German magazine Stern Fotografie.

“Tasteless” were some of the ways in which the images have been described by Shevelle Rhule, fashion editor for black lifestyle magazine Pride.

The denunciation continues…

What do you think? Was she in the wrong to wear it?

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