Shoes Shoes Shoes*

“A Girl can NEVER

have too many

shoes” – me

MONICA looks& sings great!

Damn…I need someone to hook me up with a pair of these Lou B’s 2010 Autumn collection ::

Christian Louboutin Clou Noeud

Forget the performance,  just look at the PINK!!!!!

And those HEELS…you could do some serious damage!

Kelis is snapped here in Lace up turquoise suede platform pumps from OFFICE, London

I’m a  HUGE fan of CC’s laid bad cool style…

She’s got me ready to “1,2 Step”  in these CHANEL Canvas Lace Up Boots!!

She has got a stunning figure, of course that’s why Wilhelmina Modeling Agency

But to be a Model it will cost you well 20 pounds in fact as she was told at the end of last year!!

JUST three words ” OH MY GOODNESS!” Look at her shoes….

Personalized especially for MISS BARBIE aka NICKI Minaj by 2 Bitchez Deep

AT HOT 97’s JAM….I read they weight in at 15Ibs!!WOW!!

I’m sure she had NO problem supporting herself!!!

She has got back…

↓Just reminded me of this….SO I had to post it↓

I wish curves were loved more in JAPAN…it’s rare to find guys over here that want a woman with chicken thighs/breasts as appose to chicken wings!

But I get it now…

That’s why I’ve grown to love my body…I wish more girls did!

I guess it doesn’t help when guys constantly say you’ve got a bit of flab, when really they can hardly pinch an inch.

I think the REAL problem is that the guys don’t have confidence in their own appearance.

Be confident ladies…

But if you don’t have confidence, slap on some blush a cute dress and killer heels that should do the trick!

It works!

Oh back to the SHOES, SHOES, SHOES…which heels would YOU like?

I’m feeling MONICA’s Lou B’s! Seriously CRACK*


….36 24 36 …only if your 5″3’…”

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