STYLE iCons 2010 pt.8


IT is true….GAGA & Rihanna have totally stolen Kelis’ LOOK!!

I should do a style feature on more copycats…might be interesting to see just how “creative” these New stars are or rather AREN’T…

KELIS back in the day with her GORGEOUS NATURAL hair

Known for Lovin’ her FUR! Just this past winter her and PETA got into a huge row over some snaps of her in europe.

But the reason I like her so much is because she stood her ground even when the heat was on.

I personally DO NOT agree with wearing it myself, but each to their own.

Style is like second nature to Kelis… JUST look at the horseshoes!

How can she walk in those “shoes”!?

I’m a huge fan of the Black&Gold look…

This time her & Ex-Hubby NAS rocked out with matching Ni**er logos

Some poeple do anything to get attention. Including me sometimes.

I Kinda feel sad though, I thought her and NAS would make it! But their divorce was way too much, she really did the dirty on him and took him to the cleaners!

That’s why everyone should get a PRE-NUP

Rich or Poor… DIVORCE is UGLY! You can save yourself a lot of effort&Heartache

Be smart…


I’m really lovin her new tracks off her LATEST ALBUM


She has also recently worked with Italian Electro and House DJ Benny Benassi on his upcoming single “Spaceship” which will no doubt be on her Album later this year . Benny Benassi is also famed for remixing “Acapella” Kelis&David Guetta!

Live on Later with Jools last month

“4th of JULY”

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