Unity CUP :: Jugglin’ Competition 2nd Bout

Human Crest

rep Yokohama

Glitterz rep Osaka

Both Wings rep Tokyo

ExBodega was sooooooooooooooooooooo full!

やっぱり。。。It was great to go out 2 nights in a row, it had been a while…

This was on Friday night last week 6/11

NO SURPRISE who won :: HUMAN CREST rep Yokohama


BIG UP… much Love & Respect



So many laughs with Haruno in our meeting spot! Drinking, chatting and chilling

Then when we arrived at Exbodega this was right infront of us!!! HOW COOL!? If Only I knew the owner…anyone?

But I guess a picture is enough, I’d probably be too scared to go for a drive anyway.

Black&White with a touch of YELLOW… I Love my bright colours!

Big Up NEON WAVE lovers

HOST SOUND :: Unity Sound

BIG UP….seriously loved their play

やばいよ〜 MISON B Guest Live… I can’t get enough of her! Great style, Rap, Attitude (Just wish I could speak more Japanese at times like these)

The Japanese Missy E!! RESPECT!!

I love when ladies be doing their think and taking on men, more power to them.

This was my first Sound Clash “Jugglin” I didn’t know what to expect and to be honest I was disappointed, I was expecting live mixing of the records…It just seemed to well prepared and not as fluid as I was hoping.

Don’t get me wrong, They were all great with all the USUAL crowd pleasing hits!

I was really feeling the Glitters MC…great VYBEZ&EFFORT even though the clash was won before it started!

Everytime I’m out I hear dis..”BICYCLE” by VYBZ Kartel

He is a bad man! A Bit Too rude for me…


More pics can be viewed only via PC

ごめんね iPhone & BB readers!

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