Emporio Armani Underwear F/W 2010/11

New AD campaign

Features Cristiano Ronaldo & Megan Fox

Emporio Armani Underwear F/W 10/11 Ad Campaign

I think Megan Fox is really sexy and this new Emporio Armani Underwear ad campaign is rocking my boat and I doubt there will be many men who disagree!

She has stripped down to a lacy bra and knickers set  in this sneak peak ad with bed hair, adding to her natural racy sex appeal.

The Emporio Armani Underwear and Armani Jeans Ad Autumn 2010 was shot in L.A and will up on billboards in numerous cities including New York, L.A., London, Japan and Milan of course next month

Followed by a CM starring none other than Megan herself in September. Her Marilyn Monroe tattoo is super HOT, it’s another form of expression that really makes me want to get one. Ummmm… What would my mother say!?

I was shocked to find out that she is younger than me, still a spring chicken at 24 years of age. I’m still disappointed that the Transformers will continue without her! But that’s how it goes in HOLLYWOOD I guess. But at least there is some good news for her, as she recently got engaged…another reason to envy her! Plus she was on this months INTERVIEW magazine Cover sporting a hot little BOB haircut.

Emporio Armani Jeans F/W 10/11 Ad Campaign

The HOTTEST footballer on earth right now is Cristiano Ronaldo is seducing me with abs…say no more, but his face, body and legs make me….(fill in the blank for yourself).

He & Becks are the reason #Iconfess I want to be a WAG.

I’ve been watching him in the World Cup “Captain” the Portuguese national team but actually his performance has been a little disappointed, but like most of the top flight footballers in this WORLD CUP they are yet to prove their worth!

Emporio Armani Underwear F/W 10/11 ad campaign.

I’m still finding it hard to come to terms with the fact that he left Man U last year for REAL MADRID, but the money tells it all, £80 million, I guess its hard to say No to an offer like that, plus it had been his dream since he was a child to play for them. But I really feel footballers should be more loyal to their teams and not just “Go for the Money!”

I’m still waiting to see the official pictures for campaign as they still haven’t been shot yet

Watch this space!

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