Takeshi KITANO

Is it Just another Gangster Movie?

“Outrage” was reviewed at the Cannes film festival in MAY, it sees him returning to his roots “violent yakuza movie” that uses just about anything as a tool to murder, including chopsticks.

I wanted to watch this at the theatre…But I need subtitles so I’ll have to wait for it’s release on DVD or I could ask my man to translate at the movies (too much hassle I think!)

I watched  Kitano’s 2002 first yakuza flick “Brothers”  when I first came to JAPAN!! Wow that seems like such a long time ago now.

Kitano is also know as Beat Takeshi his comedian alias, one many talents as he is also actor,writer,director but originally a comedian.

I have always enjoyed watching gangster movies since I was introduced to Scarface. I have no idea about the REAL yakuza in Japan but I was reading wiki and found there are an estimated 86 000 in Japan…sounds alot hey

I hate violence myself and usually cover my eyes at the sight of blood, but I’m really interested in the human relationships that they share and the comic relief , which this movie apparently has in the form of  “plunging chopsticks, a nasty bit of dentistry and the intertwining of a head, a rope and a luxury sedan.

“I thought it would be as good a time as any,” he said at a Cannes news conference.

Kitano’s return to yakuza sees him finish his 15th MOVIE!!!!

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1 Response to “OUTRAGE”

  1. aparoo says:

    Excellent gangster/ yakuza movie. Takeshi is king. http://aparoo.wordpress.com/2011/07/28/outrage-2010/

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