Shibuya Style in Shanghai


SHIBUYA GIRLS COLLECTION is going to take over the world one city at a time! First Shanghai! Who knows where next…

The Girls Collection started in 2006, created to promote Japanese original “Shibuya Culture” not only to Asia but also to the world. SSC presents the most popular fashion Models, such as

Jun Hasegawa (my personal favourite)

Also Artists, Brands such as Another Edition, CECIL McBEE, DOUBLE STANDARD CLOTHING, FREE’S SHOP,  JILL by JILL STUART, LIP SERVICE, LIZ LISA,  MILKFED, Rich, Spiral Girl, SWORD FISH, kitson, Pinky Girls, theory, 31 Sons de mode to name a few and DJs for experiencing the amazing Japanese fashion culture.

Furthermore, SSC, collaborating with ‘BLENDA’ and ‘PopSister’ magazines; these mags know HOW TO represent SHIBUYA fashion and with‘JAPANATION’; a project which is looking to broaden the Japanese music scenes

SHIBUYA GIRLS COLLECTION(SGC) is THE fashion event for all who LOVE  Shibuya “Kawaii” style, bringing us the latest trends in Japan. SGC main audience/target is gilrs/women in their late-teens to mid-twenties (Oooops I’m almost out of range!lol) using trendsetting popular fashion magazine models to draw attention to the show. Technology is so great here in TOKYO that  the show goers can buy the clothes modeled on the runway right there and then!!! Just by accessing the relevant websites through their mobile phones.That’s HOT right…!?.


Held last week

Friday, June 18th, 2010
Venue:Event Stage at Japan Pavilion,Expo 2010 Shanghai China (Zone A)

Models included :: Reiko Ide, Yuika Nakano, Sachiko Fujiwara, and the twins  Ami & Aya Suzuki


Brands :: Buvas, Ciu Ciu, Copy CAT, Spiral Girl, MIIA plus more…

Check out SHIBUYA WALKER for more info on Fashion in Shibuya!!

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  1. Shasha says:

    Need to be in JP asap !!

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