The Championships & Fashion

Wimbledon 2010

June 21th – July 4th

Defending Champs ::

Rodger Federer & Serena Williams

Matches to watch


Andy Murray  v  Jan Hajek


Serena Williams     v        Julie Ditty

Venus Williams               Reneta Voracova

Federer had a great game last night, I was up late watching! I thought he might lose to Alejandro FELLA but he came back from 2 sets down…that is the sign of a true Champion

Now on to Tennis & fashion….

I think Chanel Iman looks fab in the LACOSTE get up…If only the rest of the professional tennis players would join her club and start wearing WHITE tennis clothes, because recently it’s starting to go a bit far with all this RUNWAY STYLE that’s going on…

I remember when All championship players had to wear WHITE!!! But now they are wearing all sorts…Just like on the Runway!

Now there is too much freedom and not enough guide lines for players to stick to.

As I believe in traditions, especially when it comes to british sports that I enjoy to play & watch!

What should TENNIS PLAYERS be allowed to WEAR??

Should they be allowed to wear lace dresses…or rather whatever they please?

Cutting Edge fashion on the Tennis court?

…I think this is going one step too far!

Venus Williams is a great player, I don’t want to take anything away from her & all of the Grand Slams & championships she has won to date but….

This dress would be prefect for a night out! But Venus was wearing this at the FRENCH OPEN… I don’t know how to react really I love fashion, but I also love tennis and I respect how The Wimbledon Championship has stuck to the tradition of all white.

This is how it all began…

Tennis is derived from the ‘jeu de paume’, but its establishment as the modern sport can be dated to two separate roots.

One of which is close to my heart, in 1859 Major Thomas Henry Gem, a solicitor, and his friend Batista Pereira, a Spanish merchant, who both lived in Birmingham, England played a game they named “pelota”, after a Spanish ball game. The game was played on a lawn in Edgbaston.

When tennis players didn’t have the high tech rackets & frills, just a plain wooden racket.

FRED PERRY was styling them back in the day….still got that crisp polo shirt going on these day! Some things never go out of fashion.

Well I hope you enjoy the Tournament…I hope Federer will make this his 7th WIN!!!

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