She SHOWS TELLS ALL as she graces the COVER of the Famous

Rolling Stone Magazine

for the second time, this time is definately a big shot in comparison with the first! However I’m getting a little tired of BARE NAKED Lady GAGA…

Does she keep forgetting to put on her clothes or is that the plan…How boring! I like/d her because of her style and what she wore and how promoted herself, but now there’s not much to really like, literally.

I know that she wore this bra set outfit in her latest PV “ALEJANDRO” but still… is she going to be another star who bares too much!?

Take a look at some of GAGA half naked snaps…

“SHAMELESS”… I couldn’t have said it better!

I wonder what would happen if your average women walked around like this? Yes. I know you might say she isn’t your avaerage women, she’s a pop star, but does that justify her actions!?

I can clearly see the artistic direction, but does she really have to be naked, ask yourself that?

Well everyone knows SEX SELLS!

“…And I’ll take my clothes off and it will be shameless
Cause everyone knows that’s how you get famous” – Lily Allen  The Fear

but what message is that giving to all of her young impressionable fans?

Well she was booed at the METZ game after just turning up for the 5th innings!! I smell PUB LI CITY STUNT!!!

I’ll leave you with another thought of GAGA’s

“Nothin’ wrong with being just a little bit vain
We need a little pretty cuz this country’s insane
So go ahead and label me whatever you like
But nothings quite as sexy as a woman is fine

Touch me, t-touch me baby but don’t mess up my hair
Love me, l-love me crazy
But don’t get too attached, this is a brief affair

Vanity (pictures in magazines, movie screens)
Vanity (mirrors and cameras, so many beauty queens)
Vanity (it’s so good to be)
Fabulous and glamorous, we love ourselves and no one else

Look at me (watcha lookin’ at)
Look at me (watcha starin’ at)
Look at me (watcha lookin’ at)
Look at me (watcha starin’at)”


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