Theme :: Flowers

Brand Concept ::

Purely, Happily, Beautifully, Mercibeaucoup. Neat and proper, but with some fun. Do have something to say, but never with airs put on. Mercibeacoup, in the name, we show our dedication never to forget but everyday cherish, the precious feeling of appreciation and thanks.”

タニンレギンス “Leggins” ¥6,825

カクシカリュック “Back Pack” ¥12,600

トナクロスニーカー “Sneakers” ¥24,510

“Steam buns are better than flowers,

or are flowers better than steam buns?

Flowers fill your heart,

While buns fill your belly.

Won’t it be nice to have both?”

I really like the cute polka dot patterns, wide range of motifs and animal prints which everyone knows I love dearly.  I believe this is one of the most popular and fastest growing brands out of Japan. I might help that it’s a subsidiary of Issey Miyake’s A-Net company, so no wonder it’s making a name for itself in Europe. Plus Eri Utsugi was lucky enough to have first hand experience in the world of big fashion names as she joined the drawing table at Issey Miyake in 2005 and later that year she launched Mercibeaucoup.

I guess everyone wants to get their hands on a piece of Japan these days, including me, but it’s really interesting how many Japanese brands use French as oppose to English wording for the concepts of their design, but I have to admit french does sound cooler in many ways.

Find it in Tokyo :: Aoyama, Ginza,Harajuku of course, Shibuya and Shinjuku.

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aka Miss Swag in a bag Creative Assistant for @MPMAG Living in TOKYO! Interests: Creativity, I have a Passion for Fashion, Design, Music & Life....
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