Adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott S/S 2011


On display at Bread & Butter Berlin


These are the sneakers that have set the fashion world a blaze with controversy over the past few hours! “A teddy bear in a sneaker? How does one rock those?” I read earlier! And since then I was dieing to get a peek…well here they are! Thoughts?

They are crack!

Plus Jeremy Scott is one of those designers who just loves creating havoc with his designs, well he has definately done one thing right for S/S 2011 that will keep everyone’s tongues wagging for a while.

What do you think of the Teddy Bear sneakers?

I have to admit I prefer the pink ones, but would I buy a pair… ummm what would I team them with? Any ideas?

His trademark winged sneakers are back with a vengeance this coming S/S 2011.

However the clear plastic high top winged pair are right on the top of my shopping list! How outrageously crack are they!? They would look great with sweats or even a micro mini.

Not only are they clear, but get this “Glow in the Dark” for all of you techno lovers, I think you need to get on this one.

Also in the collection of sneakers stands a wild flaming pair version of the winged sneaker. HOT or what?

I would quite happily add this to my ever growing collection of sneakers…however much I love rocking sneakers I don’t actually get to wear them much these days. Yes, I am much more of a heels lover.

If you were to take a look at my shoe collection for evidence, at this point in time I probably have 99.9% heels!

More from the S/S 2011 Collection

If these few snaps shaped the whole Jeremy Scott for Adidas Originals S/S 2011 collection, it’s as if I have literally woken up in a dream, because I just Love, Want and Need EVERYTHING in this collection. (however that probably wouldn’t be practical.)

From the Women’s Hot Pink Jacket to the Men’s leopard print training jacket. It all just looks like my wish list to me.

Boy, that Jeremy Scott is a genius.

I guess it pays to have insomnia sometimes. Fortunately, sleep deprived old me was lucky enough to get this preview thanks to one of the most amazingly sharply dressed and trendiest designers NOT out of England, namely the one and only ::

Jeremy Scott

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