My cooking trials!

Yes I’m cooking!

Everyone knows that  I love to be wined & dined…but it’s also nice once in a while to have a home cooked meal. Of course I would rather that be my mummy’s slap up Roast chicken or curry I’m digging into, but as she’s not around I’ll have to make use of my hands I guess.

So recently I’m making an effort to cook on the weekends as I’m way TOO busy on weekdays grinding.

Look what I prepared recently ::

Niku roll

It’s basically an “おにぎり” = rice ball but instead of being wrapped in “のり” = seaweed I used beef.

It’s pretty simple really, but unfortunately for me I’m not too keen on beef (I don’t want to eat YAKI NIKU ever again…it’s too heavy).

But the making of the sauce is the hard part as you need just the right amount of each ingredient to make it perfect. Mine creation wasn’t sweet enough (as I left the sugar out! Just counting the calories!) But It still tasted better than I expected, however I think I’ll stick to the original onigiri. No beef necessary!

Side dishes are also just as important, so I made a simple…

Tofu dish

Just fry the Tofu & boil the soup made from



♦しょうゆ = soy sauce

♦Ajinomoto(adds that little something)

I have to admit, its fun as long as I don’t stay in the kitchen too long. I can’t imagine the life of a housewife though, everyday preparing at least 2 meals. I mean how to you come up with new interesting and tasty dishes?  I may need to invest in some cook books, especially I as prefer white meat like chicken & fish. I’m going to have to learn some beef dishes.

I wonder what I’ll have up my sleeve 1 year later.

Watch this space

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2 Responses to My cooking trials!

  1. Shasha says:

    fedex me some & congrats on finally becoming a housewife neh~!

  2. Shasha says:

    Weel, congrats on…becoming a housewife neh~! Fedex me this tofu dish… ‘gozimaaaas

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