★★25 TODAY★★

”おめでとうございます 7/12”


The atmosphere was perfect…

I love listening to live music and Jazz it just has that bass that I adore so much. If I had my flute I would’ve got up on stage and joined them…oh well there’s always next time.


we are of the same vintage after all!

So we ate & drank… white wine after white wine after white wine…Oooops I don’t know why I’m writing this now 100% sober as if I’m drunk!

Anyway you get the picture… we got very tipsy put it that way!

There was this amazing “三味線” = Shamisen player who started the evening (not jazz of course) but with traditional Japanese music, and he later explained everything there is to know about the shamisen.

Thanks for the translation Aちゃん

Then later I asked him to take some pictures. It’s very interesting how even though its a string instrument it sounds nothing like the violin or guitar for that matter.

It reminded me of the scenes from Kabuki, unfortunately I haven’t seen a show yet,  but I look forward to watching Kabuki in the near future. A lot of people say it’s boring or very complicated, but I would like to see all traditional cultures in Japan and I think except “生け花” = Ikebana I have seen or taken part in almost all other popular cultures in Japan.

JUJU 好きね♥

So Mariちゃんsang “PRESENT” by JuJu

She has such a great voice & a handful of talents, she plays the drums and other percussion instruments and she’s also recently picked up the shamisen.

Makes me want to start a new hobby…what can I do?

oh and doesn’t her dress just look stunning, actually from this photo it’s not very clear, but the one piece is covered with roses.

I have to admit, have dinner and listening to live music is a great way to celebrate. who’s birthday is next?


I felt SOoooooooooooooooo underdressed! But hey you can’t blame me as I had just come straight from work!

A great night & another great memory.

I have to give it up for the Pianist, Drummer, Double bass player, guitarist and all the performers.


JuJu Performing “Present” Live

“I’m unfastening my tied-down heart
I’m peeling off the enveloping sadness
The “now” I’m beginning to see
is a present from the past…

Beautiful lyrics*

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