1Litre of Beer Anyone?


British Pub

Well, I hadn’t been to a HUB for nearly 18 months, how time flies. We just stopped off for a look on our way home, and then thought why not grab a beer, but I thought I might as well eat something…

It had been a while since I ate fish and chips!

Not as good as the HOBGOBLIN, where I ate some Fish&Chips at the beginning of the year.

But not that bad either…I love vinegar on battered COD!

Plus a nice little touch served on newspaper. Like the traditional way back in ENGLAND until people realised that the ink from the newspapers wasn’t all that tasty or good for you.

I really don’t see why people like beer sooooooooooooo much! Seriously heavy on the calories for one and two its just so bitter.

Cocktails are much more my taste.

But the novelty of the 1Litre beer just made me want to take a snap.




Some interesting Beer facts ::

+ 2 Types of Beer = Ale & Lager

+ Beer has been produced for 5,000 years in Scotland

+ British Beer is served at 12 degrees

+ In the U.S the first beer can was produced in 1935

+Konishiki, reputed to be the world’s largest sumo wrestler at 283 kg, once consumed 100 glasses of beer and 70 pieces of sushi at one sitting.

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