STYLE iCons Past v Present pt.2


Lovin’ the Bangs!

Sex really does sell… why are so many photo shoots these days only styling musicians in Lingerie?

Great colour…

I have to say this time…Katy Perry wins in my eyes. They are of course both really sexy and look surprisingly more similar than I first expected.

But sometime I feel like music & fashion shouldn’t mix, because these days everyone and their grandma seems to think that they can create a substantial clothing line, but actually it’s their stylist who creates their look. Take Rihanna Katy Perry’s BFF for instance, she has been the biggest flop this year in music, but luckily her style and fashion sense has keep her HOT & in the media, but who’s talking about her music? Exactly.

I’m not saying people can’t be multi-talented, but I think you should be the best at what you can be and stick to that, because being mediocre at many things is not the way to be successful.

And doesn’t everyone want success?

Katy Perry Performing


@MTV Movie Awards 2010

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3 Responses to STYLE iCons Past v Present pt.2

  1. Lonesome Polecat says:

    The picture at the top right is not Bettie Page but Gretchen Mol who played her in a movie about Bettie. She is wearing abrown wig but Bettie’s hair was jet black. I like Bettie best.

  2. Brooke says:

    The girl in the last picture also isn’t Bettie, it’s Bernie Dexter.

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