Red Stripe

Marshall LAW :: Regular Dance

Guest Sound: Seven Star

And as Usual Human Crest & friends got set.

Marshall LAW are my personal favourite sound & the reason I’m a part of the reggae scene in Japan! I had no idea until I met Kuma & Rio fr Marshall Law 2 years ago, just how popular Reggae music is in Japan!

You’d be surprised! But I guess that’s thanks to Mighty Crown who paved the way for all the other sounds!

Chico, Haruno & I as usual partying it up together…and me sipping on Kahlua Milk as usual ( I swear this is a life saver, if i drink this first to line my stomach I will never have a hang over!) but to be honest I’m not really a heavy drinker anyway. Those drunken/hungover days are best left in university.

What do you think our Style theme was? Yes, Pink & floral prints. Cute right!?

I’ve had that Lilac belt for 3 years but I hardly worn it. It was a great find, like most of my collection, but I hardly get to wear some of my gorgeous outfits these days.

Well, it was just over a year ago now, that I met these 2 lovely ladies right here in fact! And we’ve continued to hang out and party together ever since.

I think It’s quite rare to find Japanese women who are compatible with me in the sensee that a lot of women feel threatened by me for some reason (no I’m not going to steal your BFs!) I think if they got to know me they would be surprised how different I am from their expectations.

But luckily for me these HOT gals keep it real and we can actually chat without pretense, I mean these girl even think like me, which is unusual because Japanese women often hide & never say what they really feel, but not my girls and that’s why I love them. Having fun and sharing great memories is what I enjoy doing best.

I was just wondering why there was a PC in this shot, but I remember it was the football 3rd & 4th place play off! I still can’t get over how Paul “The Psychic” Octopus guessed the results correctly!

Everyone was watching the game SO seriously! I love football, I guess hate the time difference watching games at 3:30am hurts!

That night was fun…but crazy humid & Hot!!!!!!!! And it’s only going to get worse.

It’s been a while since I heard this song…

“Saddest day of my life” – Wayne Wonder

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