An image taken from his latest video

A fans impression of Kanye West Music videos to date….

I don’t know how exactly to interpret this! Do you?

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2 Responses to Kanye West x ILLUMINATI

  1. Shasha says:

    I didnt watch this video, but I can assume it is posted by religious people attempting to get their viewpoint across as Illuminati having something to do with religion Good & Evil when all it is about power, control & corruption.
    I don’t believe illumanti has been fully exposed, as is Bavarian Illuminati has such a deep stem. The fact that you can read about things like this on wikipedia says something too…

    Although, I admit that I believe some images, sounds, words may be placed within songs, endorsements, art, advertising, the world over, a psychological infiltration of matter pertaining to & attempting to maintain a hold over the human race in that form.

    Music is the deadliest one of all, as it ideas & concepts, even to a greater extent mind control, can become intrinsically instilled within you without even realising.

    It’s the things & people behind all this & what we can not that is more intriguing to me.
    If you understand power & control then you will look & think twice when interacting with commercialism & controls within the ‘system’…

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