I’m so complete now that I’m finally in a relationship where I can be myself 100% no frontin’. I think that’s really important in life to find someone who cares about you no matter what you do, even if you turn from aphrodite into medusa on your time of the month!

I WANT HER WARDROBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



watch here

This has to be one her most controversial tracks so far (The promotional video was removed from youtube!)

Both tracks from her Third Album “/\/\ /\ Y /\”  out now

1. ‘The Message’
2. ‘Born Free’
3. ‘Meds and Feds’
4. ‘Lovealot’
5. ‘Tequilla’ [sic]
6. ‘It Is What It Is’
7. ‘XXXO’
8. ‘Tell Me Why’
9. ‘Story Told’
10. ‘Space’

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aka Miss Swag in a bag Creative Assistant for @MPMAG Living in TOKYO! Interests: Creativity, I have a Passion for Fashion, Design, Music & Life....
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