Adidas Y–3 by Yohji Yamamoto

“Torsion Heel”


Adidas Y-3

A/W 2008



Adidas Y-3

A/W 2010

“Torsion high heels”



A/W 2010

“cushion wedge”


Adidas Y-3

A/W 2010


Y-3 are serious about heating up their shoe swag game this coming A/W… to be honest I can’t even really think about Autumn clothes yet let alone winter as over here in Tokyo its still boiling hot, reaching temperature of 33 degress…STILL!

But looking at Yohji Yamamoto latest creation of 9cm odd heels is getting me all excited about the prospects of the coming seasons MOST WANTED! These are not only fashionably high but they have installed the latest technology for athletic shoes to insure the maximum amount of comfort and support.

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