My cooking trials! pt.5


Jerk ChickenCaribbean style chicken

1. It’s all in the sauce (JERK SEASONING) Place in a bowl marinade & leave over night in the fridge


1. Fry (preferably Grill for 1hr /30mins each side)


3. Serve with bread or (preferably rice&peas)


4. Add ketchup & tuck in


Ingredients ::

– Jerk Seasoning*

– 2 large chicken thighs ( I prefer breasts)

– Lime

– Bread buns

So, this has to be my favourite dish so far! It was delicious but a lil bit spicier than usual… As usual I made enough to feed 4… It goes great with rice & peas. It made me miss my mums cooking though because something was missing, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

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