**Kansai Trip Day 1**

OSAKA 8/27

This is THE way to travel in Japan… when traveling from one prefecture to next I always use the Shinkansen (Bullet train) It’s Fast, Spacious and beautifully crafted!

Bullet Trains are in fact more spacious than airplanes! But make sure you reserve a seat otherwise you’ll be standing for hours…From TOKYO to OSAKA will set you back about 28,000yen たかいくない! ——————————————————————————————————————-

Finally…大阪! I had such an ordeal on my way to TOKYO station, I thought that I’d left my make-up case at home! However I found it packed safely in my suitcase. Phew… so no need to stop off at M•A•C on my way to my designer hotel.


First STOP **551 HORAI**

To try OSAKA famous/common steamed buns!

豚まん…I still bought a bun, just for the experience, but I don’t eat pork!

As usual there’s was a queue like most popular eateries in Japan! ————————————————————————————————————–So it’s Lunchtime and my stomach is grumbling….

First choice?


TGF having a great friend who had already chosen a restaurant nearby in the station…now we just had to find it!

Luckily for yasuちゃん I can read maps! So we went to down to the food court.

It was my first time to eat 串カツ…but I though it would be like tempura but surprisingly it had  a much lighter taste (remember only dip in the sauce ONCE!)

めっちゃおいしかった〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜 ——————————————————————————————————————

So off we went to **OSAKA AQUARIUM**

I really love animals and as I’ve been to Osaka a couple of times before, I’d pretty much ran out of sightseeing places!

Here we didn’t have to stay outside and boil to death as it was around 35 degrees that day and probably 60% humidity いや〜ちょあついよ!

But unlike Tokyo, Osaka actually has a light breeze!

The aquarium was huge and filled will so many beautifully fish…

my favourite of course is NEMOくん = Clown fish めっちゃめちゃかわいい〜

But I’m super intrigued by the beauty & pain that a jelly fish can cause… fortunately I’ve never been stung, but from what I’ve heard I don’t really want to be either!

It was such a nice afternoon…

next stop!?


Finally…Doing what I do best :: **SHOPPING**

@ Shinsaibashi/Americaむら

Yasuちゃん was telling me that this area used to have so much more going for it about 5~10 years ago and is slowing going downhill and becoming less popular!

But we still had a great time, going down all the little alley ways and finding small vintage shops that I love more than anything… check here to find out what I bought!


FINALLY… time to stuff my face with my favourite food in OSAKA @PIZZA BALL HOUSE :: Takoyaki


Takoyaki is THE famous export from Osaka! If you like fried food you’ll love these Octopus balls!

” うまーーーーーーーい” I couldn’t get enough…We had so much fun at this restaurant because you can make your own! As it was my first time to cook takoyaki, I realised it’s much harder than it looks…

We ate Octopus/Shrimp/beef balls plus of course Okonomiyaki!! Another great dish from Osaka.

It took me about 5~10mins to make just 3! But it was a fun experience… but I ate A LOT more!


I’m a NIGHT OWL… so as planned we made our way to see KONSHENS Live @ TEN-G

A little tipsy I might add…

It was only the end of the first day, but we had already been having the most amazing time… a night of dancing & listening to live reggae was a great end!

Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much to Yasuちゃん (my long lost twin from another mother!) & all of my friends and people I met on this day.


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