**Kansai Trip Day 2**

KYOTO 8/28


I Love home cooking & there’s nothing more healthy and filling than Japanese style breakfast.


100% SATISFIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

日本の建築 最高でした!

Japanese Architecture is one of the main reasons I came to Japan…and of course being an Architecture graduate I really appreciate great craftsmanship and design.  This House was one of many beautiful structures that I saw on my travels. ————————————————————————————————————–

On Arrival at 京都… the whole station was packed!! I guess that was because it was the last weekend of the summer holidays!?

Through the crowds me moved out of the station and onto the “sightseeing” bus. This system is great only 500yen for an all day pass (a couple of quid).

So the first thing you see in front of Kyoto station is

**KYOTO Tower** I’m not sure if there is an observation floor, but probably!

I still remember the first time I visited Kyoto in spring 2007, I was amazed how the city had been designed so easy to navigate unlike Tokyo its very difficult to get lost here as the city is designed on a grid system. Anyway… we hopped on bus No. 100 if my memory serves me right, which took us straight to… you guessed it

**KIYOMIZU TEMPLE** —————————————————————————————————————

Then came the walk up the hill is the sweltering heat… Oh man did I wish my man was with us to give me a piggy back up this hill.

So of course I had to stop of and grab an うちわとIce Cream! Otherwise I probably would not have survived!

However it was only about 10mins walk luckily.

But to be honest it was not half as hot as I had expected, everyone said that it’s much hotter than Tokyo…but not by far actually.

So… we finally reached the top, I was still licking my ice cream so we took a breather before making our way around the site.

Now that we had reached the top of the hill it was considerably cooler, I guess it helps that its built into the hillside and surrounded by trees.

When I came here last year. There was a group of about 50~100 students stood next to this gateway having a group photo. It’s great in Japan, because for their school trips they get to Explore Kyoto and Nara, but in England let me think… we visit Ironbridge… ummm it doesn’t really compare!

So at the entrance of ALL Temples you should Purify ourselves before entering with water.

First wash right & left hands and then rinse your mouth and you’re ready to enter.

Kiyomizu Temple is my lucky shrine, last time I received だいきちのおみくじ…

I think everyone will agree with me that this is one of THE greatest temple in Japan if not THE best.

I can’t wait to visit again in Autumn to see the changing leaves, it will be magnificent.

I’ve been every other season just not in Autumn so hopefully this year I will have the chance, I’m already planning now.

I think I’m slightly obsessed with Yukata/Kimono because they are so beautiful and yet not many young women wear them these days. Maybe there are not so many occasions, but If I was Japanese I would make any excuse to wear one. I only have 2 Yukatas but I try to wear it at least once a year.

Most young women wear it only during summer, for 花火まつり. I also really enjoy going to Japanese festivals as there are so many throughout the year.

If you hadn’t already realised, I really want to learn more about Japanese traditions and culture. ——————————————————————————————————————

So it was getting close to dinner time so we decided to make our way to Sanjo.

We walked down Kamiyacho… There is a small stream (not really big enough to call a river!)

The streets were so lively full of people and couples both dressed in Yukata. Such wonderful scenary.

We managed to arrive just on time for our reservation.

Isn’t the view just perfect?

You must try….

**KAWADOKO** at once in your lifetime especially if you want to experience “Japan”.

Another perfect Day to Add to the weekend. (I almost forgot the say thank you to everyone at WayangBali… thanks for the delicious Bali food snacks & Bailey Moon Cocktail Dessert.)

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