**Kansai Trip Day 3**

NARA 8/29

This year Nara is celebrating 1300th year since it was the capital of Japan.

On Arrival at 奈良… there were tonnes of souvenir shops in the station, but we were on a mission to visit TODAIJI

so buying an おみやぎ would have to wait!

As expected it was hot, everyone sweating pints! But forget that…DEER…EVERYWHERE!! —————————————————————————————————————

Along the path to Todai-ji we were graced with the presence of many DEER.

They are not afriad of humans AT ALL… so beware because I saw this one girl feeding them crisps and they wouldn’t leave her alone.

Finally we reached the path directly linked to Todai-ji along side there were a mass of souvenir stalls, with many gifts from magnets to samurai swords (which one of my friends wanted as a souvenir last time he came) but I don’t think weapons are a safe great gift.

One Shocking fact was that the deer leave No.1’s and 2’s all over the place, but they can’t pass through this area as you have to pay 500yen.

Just wonderful to look at, but Todai=ji has actually been reconstructed once before, so it’s no longer in it’s original form.

So we passed the final entrance, this picture doesn’t even show how many tourists we buzzing around the place. But not as busy as Autumn or spring I guess.

Again, you should purity yourself before entering and there is a bowl of incense…



…people believe if the smoke passes over you will get good luck/health on that area of your body. So most people waft it towards their head.


HIYASHI UDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Another beautiful structure, which is right next to Nara Park. On this day there was a huge festival going on, but my time was running out and I wanted to get back to Osaka to do some last minute shopping sightseeing.



I guess this would be the equivalent of “centre gai” in shibuya!! CRAZY PEOPLE up in here…

But there are many great food stalls down this street.

This is where EVERYONE who visits Osaka takes a photo… I actually can’t remember why!? But its a great spot…

Right next to Shinsaibashi (and you know what that means…time to get my shop on!)


Well…. that’s all folks I’ll leave you with Okonomiyaki (mochi cheese)!

I sincerely enjoyed my long weekend in Kansai…

I will be back soon.

Love&Thanks to everyone in Kansai

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