My cooking trials! pt.6



1. Add Filling (Octopus/Shrimp/Beef)


2. Add Spring Onion, dried flour flakes & Ginger


3. Add batter mix (wait to solidify before grilling & flipping to make balls)


4. Once brown add takoyaki sauce (or Worcestershire sauce, mayo & seaweed powder (dried bonito flakes optional)


Ingredients ::

– Batter mix (Flour, eggs, water)

– Boiled たこ (Octopus cut into pieces)

– Optional えび (Shrimp/beef)

– Spring onion

– Red Ginger

– For Toppings**

*かつおぶし(dried bonito flakes)

*あおのり(green seaweed powder)

*Worcestershire sauce or takoyaki sauce



I love takoyaki, and my friends tell me that I can actually buy a machine to make it at home! To be honest it took so long, it’s much easier to go to an outdoor stall to buy it.

JAPANESE NIGHT in Osaka was so yummy & so much fun to make! I have a video of us making it (if we didn’t ask the staff to help im sure we’d be there all night!) it literally took me 10mins to make 3 pieces…but unfortunately I don’t know how to add it!

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