The Blind Side…

Recommended Movie…

I was literally crying NON STOP…

Some may call me a ‘cry baby’, but I believe I’m just VERY in touch with my emotions. And this movie really moved me. I don’t believe that anyone could watch this and not feel something.

Just the fact that it’s a true story makes me want to help all of the less fortunate children out there. Luckily I was fortunate enough to have a great Mother and family, who nurtured me and allowed me to find my way in the world by providing all the Love and support that I needed and still do in fact.

It actually came as quite a shock to me when I realised that there must be 10s of thousands of children just like Michael Oher, that because of the situation they are born into they have little to no hope of an education and or “bright future”.

Watching Sandra Bullock was like watching myself in 10 years time. She is me, it’s quite uncanny how similar I am to her character in this movie.

“Don’t you dare Lie to me!”

Caring, Sassy, Protective, Intuitive, Perfectionist and Strong willed.

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