A Long Weekend in Tokyo!

Being a “Tourist” is great fun…

First Stop :: Meiji Jingu (Shrine)

I have visited Meiji Jingu numerous times, but I never get tired of seeing such beautiful architecture or surroundings, which is rare to find in Tokyo as it is without a doubt a “Concrete Jungle”!

Meiji Shrine (明治神宮, Meiji Jingū), located in Shibuya, Tokyo, is the Shinto Shrine that is dedicated to the deified spirits of Emperor Meiji and his wife, Empress Shoken.

We were lucky enough to see about 4 Traditional Japanese Weddings in progress last weekend, which was just so beautiful. However I don’t know if I’d like my wedding to be quite so public!?


Second Stop :: AC cafe

AC is my favourite Cafe and I try to visit as much as possible when I’m in the Harajuku/ Omotesando area (which is everyday actually) But I NEVER go to eat alone!

They have a great selection of sweets, which is what I always look for when dining out! (Yes I have a sweet tooth, if you didnt already know!) But I also love the Hamburg steak & Fried Pizza*

Of course my choice for dessert…(even though I couldn’t finish my main dish) was Cheese cake!

This time Cookies & Cream Cheese cake! めっちゃうまい!


Third Stop :: Kiyomasa-Ido well (Power spot)

So, I recently heard about this power spot and heard that you have to wait in line (one of my #PetPeeves) So I never bothered! But as my mum was in Tokyo I thought it might be interesting. So we arrived around 12pm, but they were already giving out tickets for 3pm! And the 1pm queue was already mounting up…. so off we went to have lunch.

On our return, we found the “Power Spot” surrounded by a garden which is beautiful in spring (may) with azurea, but not in bloom at present, so only green plants to gaze at, however still vast and extremely peaceful.

Fortunately the line was not so long in front, but behind us it went on, on and on…. everyone waiting just to dip their fingers in the wells water and take a quick snap.




Fourth Stop :: NAC, Tokyo

A few of my favourites now on display

The power spot worked quickly, as down to fate we met an Artist who made up our minds on which exhibition to view.

Japanese “Modern Art”






Finally :: Roppongi Hills



Tired of shoppin?NEVER…well not yet anyway!

You must check out the ADIDAS ORIGINALS shop they have the sickest dress now exclusive in Japan which I’m contemplating whether or not to buy for Saturday night…ummmm?





———————-THE END————————-



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