Yokohama JERKとVTuesのRub’a’dub NIGHTです!

9/21 (Evening)@Yokohama JERK


The food was de-lish! The interior was great too… very comfy seats! I know where we’ll be hangin out before bodega from now on…

But I might have to lay of the jerk chicken for a while(I’ve eaten way TOO much this month!)


MIYUKIちゃん おめでとう✩Early Birthday dinner


めっちゃおいしいいいいいいいいい!I haven’t eaten a PATTY for donkeys years… I need more, more, more! I hope I can take my mum there before she heads back to the UK! どうしょうかな?

Followed by…

9/22 (morning) @ExBodega


Niwa rep Bartex/Kuma rep Marshall Law/Wara&Mura rep Unstoppable/Top Choice rep Mad Jam…

It had been such a long time since I’d had a real chat with Kuma… I miss talking to him (he is my first friend in the reggae scene in Japan, I really love and respect him the most out of all the friends I’ve made.) It’s a shame I don’t get to see him enough…




I can’t wait to party with the girls & see I-VAN this weekend! It’s been TOO long!!I love his positive vibes, I’ve never met any Japanese guy like him before…and I know why because he’s from Okinawa and people from Islands generally tend to have a whole different vibe about them. Just cool “easy like Sunday morning” comes to mind, I love that song too!

But anyway…DON’T FORGET!!!

**Saturday 9/25**

@Bayhall I-Vanの沖縄EVENTで


↓From I-VAN Blog Click it↓

“Sex Appeal Medley”


I really love Miyukiちゃんのearringめっちゃかわいいでしょう?

I had an almost identical pair…(lost somewhere!)

It’s funny really we have more things in common than I first thought!

ALL SOUNDS a play Menz Tune…なんで? But I was Lovin the Rub’a’dub! There was this sick lil emcee “Sakura” だれですか、わかないよ ? But I was feeling her flow & voice!


I miss VTUES! But lately I’m too busy/exhausted to go! Whereas last summer I was there week in week out…but sometimes I just need a change of scene!

But REGGAE is definitely STILL hot in Japan…

I really love all the events and people I’ve met! I hope to meet many more…

But my Love will always be RnB & Hip Hop….


“What If I Kissed You”

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