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TOKYO at Night…

A View From Park Hyatt | SHINJUKU I love a place with a view… Tokyo “Concrete Jungle” is so different at night, you’ll have to see it to believe it.

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NICKI MINAJ | NEW SINGLES “RIGHT THRU ME” Nick Minaj | PINK FRIDAY Out Nov 22nd Damn…Hip Hop’s Barbie is back with a steamy video!! And how HOT is that guy Willy Monfret… wish I could swap places, but on … Continue reading

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FINAL COLLECTION | Sneak Peek ——————————————————————– Feather Cape $125 ——————————————————————– Fringe Dress $167 ——————————————————————– Dobby Spot Dress $83 ——————————————————————– Lace-up Dress $87 ——————————————————————– Hodded Cardigan $139 ——————————————————————– Cape Dress $181 ——————————————————————– Star Print Dress $104 —————————————————————— Paisley Poncho $348 What … Continue reading

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From a fashion & Art Lovers Perspective Runaway from KANYE WEST forthcoming Album | My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Watch it and see what you think first before I influence you with my opinion… But be warned this “Short Film” … Continue reading

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Shopping & Dining at Colette Mare おすすめレストラン!! DELICIOUS…doesn’t even describe how great the food tastes!! Trust me you have to try it to believe me. I don’t usually eat a Salad for a Main Course dish, but it was well … Continue reading

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GAP Logo

EPIC FAIL!! —————————————————————————————————– BEFORE     &      AFTER I don’t really know what to say…except what were the graphic designers thinking when they made the new Logo?? And the bigger question is why would they want to make a new … Continue reading

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Rihanna | LOUD “ONLY GIRL (IN THE WORLD)” Rihanna is BACK with her first Single from her latest Album “LOUD” Any thoughts? Well… It’s growing on me! Check out the Fan made Covers…Crazy huh? La la la la La la … Continue reading

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AnOther Magazine x Kate Moss 3D

KM3D-1 By Baillie Walsh | Artist & filmmaker (3D Glasses required!!) I’m obsessed with 3D everything… I’ve watched a handful of movies in 3D, movies like Avatar rocked my world but left me with a straining headache! Now this… After … Continue reading

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11th JFW

JAPAN FASHION WEEK | 2010/10/15-24 Tao Okamoto REPRESENTING JAPAN!! Even though it’s fashion week in Tokyo…it’s super quiet! It’s nothing like NYC, LDN or Paris FW for that matter… has Tokyo dropped off the radar or never really been on … Continue reading

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Nicki Minaj | Pink Friday Release date | 2010/11/22 It’s Exactly 1 month to go until the BIG release date of the much anticipated First Album! Will it be worth the wait is what I’m wondering, but if her previous … Continue reading

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