SIZZLA Live in JAPAN @Bayhall 10/1

Dress Code :: BLACK DRESSES with colour belts!!

It seems we have a created a trend now (groups of ladeeeeeeees colour co-ordinating there outfits! Loves it!) But I’ve never been big on the whole copying ppl and their style…

Fashion is a form of self expression so


It’s funny…I always meet the coolest ppl in club/bar bathrooms!! This HOT gyal had great style and presence, but she was from Gifu!!? If my memory serves me right, so I probably won’t be seeing her anytime soon.

I always looking to communicate…no matter the age, colour, race or creed! But sometimes, language gets in the way (or just my SHYNESS!) Yes believe it or not I’m actually quite shy….

I took these snaps od SIZZLA while he was performing…


Sizzla Ft Rihanna (one of my faves from the Live show) I wish I could upload the vid!!

“Why do you call? I’m not feelin you (baby)
Why can’t you see, boy just walk away.
When are you goin to understand ahhhhhhh
What sort of things they’ve been tellin you?
I gotta stop them from compellin you boy
They betta stop they’re not helpin you ahhhhhhh

Don’t even try…
Cuz I…
Know that…
You’re not the one
Don’t waste your time…
Don’t you cry the game is done

I’m gonna tell you right here…
Let this be the last time
Im gonna make it so clear boy must be out your mind…”

Enough said…His Live performance blew me and the rest of the crowd away!


Pix coming sooooooooooooooooooon xoixoi

About tokyoama

aka Miss Swag in a bag Creative Assistant for @MPMAG Living in TOKYO! Interests: Creativity, I have a Passion for Fashion, Design, Music & Life....
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