Shopping & Dining at Colette Mare


DELICIOUS…doesn’t even describe how great the food tastes!! Trust me you have to try it to believe me. I don’t usually eat a Salad for a Main Course dish, but it was well worth it!

Hawaiian Blueはめっちゃおいしいよー


THE best salad I’ve ever eaten no exaggeration!! It’s not possible to go wrong with chicken if you ask me and with a selection of all my favourite veggies! What more could I ask for…??

STEAK… not really being a big steak eater myself, but according to my sources aka my man thought it was great, however he commented it could have been bigger! From where I was standing it looked big enough, but my stomach is roughly half the size of his so I figured I don’t really have a leg to stand on.

It was so nice to sit and reminisce about my trip to Hawaii, it feels like forever ago now! I can’t believe it was way back in 2009.

check it :: MANOA

BIOHAZARD 4 [Afterlife] | 3D

3D Movies absolutely RULE! I’m usually scared sh**less of Horror/Zombie movies…but this is something else, maybe it’s just because I’d love to be Alice aka Milla Jovovich and Kick some butt like her that I’ve really started to get into the whole Resident Evil flicks. I just love watching strong, fierce and powerful women what more can I say.

These are my monthly recommendations….

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