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KINKI大好きです pt.2

Osaka | アメリカ村 11/22 クラビング 電車の中で☆Yasuちゃん I was All alone on the train… poor me! But it’s MILES better than being squashed and groped by salary men during rush hour (that actually still happens on trains in Japan, I don’t … Continue reading

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KINKI大好きです pt.1

Kyoto | Kiyomizu Temple 11/22 **紅波** Finally I’ve been to Kyoto during all four Seasons and I have to admit that AUTUMN is THE best time of the year to visit! Unfortunately the timing gets more and more difficult as … Continue reading

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Roppongi HillsのDIYAです

六本木ヒルズにてよるごはんタイムのDIYAです This place is a MUST! If you want to enjoy a delicious Indian Curry House in Tokyo and you’re in the Roppongi area I really recommend this spot. めっちゃおいしかったです。 オススメのAppetiserはCOLONIAL CHICKEN OR CORN TARTS コロニアル チキンorコーンタルト ヤミーですよ! AMRITSARI MACHLI(アムリットサリ … Continue reading

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Shoegasm pt.3

Killer Heels | Leopard Obsession TOPSHOP LOVER ALERT!! Yes, I’m a self confessed shoe-a-holic! What can I say… I find shoes/leopard print incredibly addictive. When I walked into TOPSHOP the other day I saw these and just knew I had … Continue reading

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“She looks like an Angel, But she’s Sexy as HELL!”

Keri Hilson is Coming HARD!! “The Way YOU Love me” I love this track… I think like a lot of guys I’ve got lil crush on her! This PV is super sexy! I’m all over this… Also loving the Cameos … Continue reading

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My Clothes GIVE-Away

…Still Materialistic!? Oh but I kept the burberry scarf (I wore it in Osaka, what? It matched my pink hoodie!)… But basically, since I can remember, every year I take my Clothes to OXFAM instead of throwing them away. It’s … Continue reading

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Interview Magazine x Rihanna

Kanye Pokes RiRi… in all the right places!………………………………………………… Wow! RiRi is on fire in this mag, even her hair looks slick! I’m loving the styling, every outfit is perfectly teamed together with balanced selection of accessories. Electric blue is one … Continue reading

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My Winter Nails x CHANEL

CHANEL 317 Golden Sand It’s time for a change… My first CHANEL nail colour was a gift, but since then, my collection is slowly increasing. Any I realised I should listen to my mother… “Quality over Quantity!” It is SO … Continue reading

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M•A•C “Pink 4 Friday” New Lippie

Nicki Minaj x M•A•C M•A•CとにきみーのCollabo ニューリップスチック おいしいそー めっちゃかわいい〜 いつもカッコいいだよね!   Well I’m not sure if this is on sale over here in Japan but I’d love a new lippie, seeming as I usual go naked or red lipped! It might … Continue reading

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“You Give me fever!”

“BEYONCE HEAT” Isn’t so Catchy after all! No one will be able to “Catch the Fever” before 8pm in the UK as HEAT has already been banned……………. Damn I wouldn’t mind all these goodies sitting under my Christmas tree come … Continue reading

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