A Long weekend to remember…

G-Zone | ZEST Cantina

This is my favourite Mexican food chain in Japan. It tastes great and so reasonably priced! It is the location of my best first date ever… So it means a lot to me. If you didn’t already know I’m very sentimental. Plus I love anything chicken and they have great Quesadillas to boot!





*Quality Time*



I Love these dogs like they are my own, I figure I’m making up for all the lost time as I couldn’t have pets thanks to ma grande soeur allergy. All together now “Ahhhh”!

I bought this for my baby girl from FREE’S MART… but it took her just a few to tear it to pieces! The “BEWARE OF THE DOG” sign springs to mind!!

Looks can be SO deceiving…


ハロウィン 、あるいはハロウィーン (Halloween, Hallowe’en)!

Although it’s not really celebrated in Japan! And outside of ROPPONGI & SHIBUYA…the festivities are slim to NONE! However in Japan it seems to be a great excuse for scantily clad females to roam the streets! Loves it! “GIRL POWER”…but like many people, I agree why should women only be able to dress provocatively once a year? Women should feel free to dress HOWEVER they wish day in day out, no?




はい、一番好きはアボカドチーズ @KUA AINA

My mum always says “Your eyes are too big for your stomach!” Ooops! She knows me too well… Sorry mum! I could only eat the fries… well I always eat them first anyway, which is the opposite of my man because with him its always MEAT! MEAT! MEAT! (FYI he needs プロテイン to maintain his muscles… so I can’t complain!)

Needless to say he loves 焼き肉、which I’d rather avoid…I don’t understand why men love meat so much I’m all about the veggies myself!!

しょくじをみて、もおなかいっぱい!  笑

Yes, as a budding architecture enthusiast I love all things new and old, but most of all Continuity in Architecture cannot be surpassed. And this converted Warehouse is a perfect example of how great architecture can last the test of time.


I can never get tired of the view… I wish I lived in this area! But I don’t want to Leave TOKYO!

ummm… I wonder if the apartment sizes are bigger? I wonder how big a place for 10万円would be?


This had to be the first time I’ve stepped into TOPSHOP and not bought anything! Even the leopard harlequin pants didn’t do it for me.

But I Love my Shirt from ALL SAINT London store! One store that I’ll never turn my nose up to. And then my customized jeans…I’m so nifty with some thread and a pair of scissors!  I was just helping my friends with some adjustments to her clothes tonight and I thought it’s been a while since I made some clothes. But not forgetting my spitfire shades, I love these to pieces as no matter how many times a drop, stand or sit on them they never scratch or break!!


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