“DISH-ing” the Dirt!

代々木上原にあるカフェ “DISH

So Last week I was able to catch up with an old friend of mine Kさん on my way home from work! TOO LATE… sometimes I think I work too damn hard! But the benefits of hard work are “$$$,$$$” I can’t complain about that at all!!

So anyway…

I was totally fascinated with this ECO おしぼり!

Just look at the size difference…


I seriously was…now that’s what I’m talking about, just add water and voila! All the way from 沖縄 somewhere I still haven’t managed to visit yet! 行きたいーーーーーーーー

But the question is… why don’t we have these wet wipes in England? It would save me running to wash my hands before every meal that’s for sure.



NO PASTRY necessary!! Only ポテトとチーズ

チーズミートパイ!これはソーーーーーーヤミー ホンマに。。。


There’s no place like home (well home cooking to be precise). The owner actually lived in England so it really had that “BRITISH” Flavour going on. A big “thumbs up” for this DISH!

Finally what I was waiting for all night after wrapping up our “*sewing circle” discussion….


One word…


For the past 6 months I feel like I haven’t really been around my friends, and without a doubt they are the people closest and dearest to me just like family. And thinking about that makes me sad, I know I’ve been really busy especially the last couple of months, but that’s just an excuse (even I realise that now).

If something/one is important enough you WILL make time.


*Sewing circle refers to A group of people, especially women, who meet regularly for the purpose of sewing! However these days it’s all about having a good old chat/goss and NOT only women, you’ll find there are plenty of male sewing circles these days

Sewing circles are a good way to find out info and of course a great way to realise that something you say and/or do is being taken to the masses via Twitter the King Pin of Social Networks!

So it’s safe to say women are NOT the only ones all up in other peoples business these days!

Be careful what you say on the internet(or elsewhere for that matter) it can easily be taken out of context.

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