KINKI大好きです pt.1

Kyoto | Kiyomizu Temple 11/22


Finally I’ve been to Kyoto during all four Seasons and I have to admit that AUTUMN is THE best time of the year to visit!

Unfortunately the timing gets more and more difficult as each year it seems to start later and this year the peak season was from November 15th~ and it lasts about 2 weeks at most! Thanks to “Global Warming”.


I was just disappointed that it was pouring with rain! ざんねんでした!

まま、よかったですよ Even though I almost slipped down these steps, as I was too busy staring at the leaves and not looking where I was going!

I Really Love Japanese Gardens (well actually anything Japanese to be honest)ね。

たのしかったです… I really think that at some point in my life I need to live over here! This is my kind of place especially the sweets! Oh my I ate too many yatsuhashi sweets! But can you blame me, as I don’t really get to eat them all that often. It was interesting because now they have all kinds of flavours: Chocolate, cream, strawberry etc. Luckily for me they still have the Traditonal Macha&red bean paste and anko flavours.

On my way to next Temple….

I came across my own personal Princess Line” bus! かわいいね

My first day was wonderful, just what I needed a break away from Tokyo. My life does get hectic sometimes without me really realising it time just flies by.

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