KINKI大好きです pt.3

KOBEIjinkan Dori 11/23

So my twin from another mother & I set off from Osaka to Kobe after having stuffed ourselves silly with our homemade 50 balls of Takoyaki half of which was キムチ とチーズ(Seriously I cannot buy a takoyaki machine or I’ll be eating takoyaki for brekkie, lunch and dinner! But I’ll tell you now Kimchi & cheese is a great combo!

This is the beginning of “Foreign Human or Former residences of early foreign settlers” Street/ 異人館 鳥

Interpret it as you wish!

I would really love to stay at KOBE KITANO HOTEL.. the building speaks for itself, but add the dinner meun and I’m easily bought!

House Number One… Be careful not to make the same mistake as we did!

Close 17:00pm

Unmistakably American Housing, Architecture

This was a multi-purpose building composing of a retail store, Cafe, Hair Salon etc

Le Corbusier-esque (French) Modern Architecture?

Great Lighting…

I felt at home around here because unlike my current residence in Tokyo which resembles a match box in comparison to my home in England, this is what I’m used to seeing and miss that fact that we have a front and back garden as I don’t have either…

But neither does the majority of the population in this part of the world.

Over here these structures that once housed families are now sadly home to numerous Eateries and Retails store.

Living in Tokyo has forced to me reconsider my living habits. It’s surprising just how much you are willing to give up for convenience.

This Starbucks really resembles the first Starbucks in Seattle.

However it’s first coffee shop opened in 1996, but in Tokyo of course.

This building used to house the PANAMA Consulate. It had been decorated with a Christmas theme which is very fitting seeming as there are now only 22 days & counting…

I was really excited to visit Avenue, having heard SO much about Kobe and how it’s the “Smaller” Yokohama as they both share the wonderful port location. Therefore hosting the perfect night view… which I later discovered!

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