KINKI大好きです pt.5

Arashiyaaaaaaaaaaama 11/24

So on arrival Yasuちゃん gets a map… takes one look at me, sighs and hands it to me

“Thank goodness you can read maps!”

Yes, that’s me, everyone’s designated ‘map reader’! I think if you left me in the middle of nowhere I would probably find my way home, a rare quality in a women, no?

So we decided not to follow the crowd and head to Horyuji Temple.

A little disappointed as a lot of trees had either lost their leaves or were still green!?

This shrine is for protecting “Electronic Items”

This is just SO Japanese to me! A typically splendid example of Japanese Architecture.

The highlight of my day…


Ta daaaa… SWEET POTATO ICE CREAM was out of this world! I seriously think I actually drifted off to heaven for a minute.

Quelle surprise? Non, C’est Bon! C’est Trés Bon.

While Yasuちゃん opted for the healthy option of Tofu! I wish I could eat it (I hate having food allergies!

She’s so good, I really should take a leaf out of her book and resist the temptation! でもね、むりだよ! Plus someone has to eat the sweets otherwise they’d go to waste, でしょう?

やっぱり、RED LEAVESはきれいだよね

I just wanted to collect a bunch of leaves from Kogenji Temple and bring them home and dry them out… what’s wrong with that?

I’ve completely forgotten who this guy is…. だれ、だれですか?

Tenryuji Temple is A World Heritage Site.

“嵐山は私のそうぞうよりぜんぜん大きく、world heritageはすばらしいです.

Even though is was bursting with crowds of people from all over the world Japan, It was still so peaceful. Japanese Gardens really seem to have an affect on me… ever since I visited Kenrokuen, Kanazawa a few years ago.

If you don’t know what to do when you visit a Shrine or Temple…

Here’s a few words of advice:

Behave calmly and respectfully. After rinsing your hands with the purifying water (right hand first then left) throw a ‘5 yen’ coin into the offering box, followed by 2 claps and a bow. This shows your respect.

I found a wishing well… is it cheating if I threw in 2 coins for 2 wishes?

Can you guess what I wished for…? But if I tell you it won’t come true!

Yes, I’m eating again! And?

But this time it’s a healthy Japanese sweet…(if such a thing exists!)



Bamboo Forest…行きたっかたです!I was really over the moon, that I finally had the chance to visit one of the very first places I’d ever read about in Japan, long before I even thought about living in Japan.

Miyajima, Hiroshima is another place much like here that I’m dying to visit, although unfortunately I still have yet to set foot in those neck of the woods! But just like Sagano it’s only a matter of time.

I couldn’t have dreamed up a better way to spend 3 amazing days in KINKI LAND.

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