KINKI大好きです pt.6

Osaka | A taste of Korea 11/24


At Kongo Congo! Sorry I couldn’t resist!

So by now most people must have gathered that I LOVE ASIAN food! Especially Japanese and Korean, which is funny seeming as in England I basically only ate Chinese food as over there The most popular cuisines are Indian and Chinese.

So my mouth started to water as soon as going to a Korean Restaurant was mentioned. I know what you’re thinking… I was in Osaka! but I’d already eaten enough takoyaki and Okonomiyaki for this trip.


This dish is only available at this spot!! Jagaimo (sticky potato chijimi or korean pizza)


I really couldn’t decide which dish was better… still can’t infact!

Nabe&ビビンバも美味です、どうちが好き? ほまにわかりません。。。

Just a little way to show my utter appreciation…


はい、koreanドラマ見てます!Obsessively! Notice a trend here, yes I tend to obsess about things I like. I’m basically a love or hate type of person, there’s no room for anything in between really.

The same goes for people.

If you’re on my good side I’ll love you, but cross me and you’ll wish…. (I’ll leave that for you’re own interpretation as I’m usually misunderstood anyway!)

Back to FOOD Glorious food…

I have no idea why songs (often from musicals, pop into my head every time I’m blogging!?)

The combination of the usual girls talkとKoreanフード can’t be beaten!


Well… this was my last night in Osaka! Was I sad? You can say that again! I really didn’t want to leave, in fact I”m seriously thinking about immigrating over there… But on second thoughts I can’t because that would result in me losing my other half!

All in all I can’t thank Yasuちゃん & her Family enough for all of their love and Hospitality that they showed me.





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