“Fly to The World”

Haneda Airport 11/25

New International Terminal

On my way back to Tokyo I thought I’d check out the latest Architecture in Tokyo.

But that was a HUGE Mistake!

Look at the Large Red Gate (Exhibit space maybe!?) a famous site found all over Japan.

The amount of people who were just showing up to have a peek, was unbelievable! This picture does not even show you the masses of people, but I was more than overwhelmed.

So after having a quick whiz around the Edo style terminal food court, we found all the Japanese spots were bursting with most restaurants serving around ONLY 20 customers and had waiting lists of upto and Hours (probably more).

We stopped at this Un Resto Français, but to our horror it only had FOUR menu options.

So that was a NO GO as soon as we sat down and looked at the menu the frown on my mans face needed no words…I know he was looking forward to having a nice juicy steak!

So we moved on…

So on to Italiano for a bite to eat…

After waiting for twenty mins after that staff said “Right away”

We asked again but this time…

Staff : “大体30分…!”

My man’s response : ” ******************************** ” (in Japanese)

I took one look at my man as I realised what she was saying! I still can’t believe how bad the service was! That NEVER happens in Japan and I’ve been to A LOT of restaurants.

So after that we decided to go back to the JAL terminal.

I DO NOT recommend going just for the sake of seeing the new terminal unless you want to be swamped by retirees who have nothing better to do but add to the crowds of jet setters.

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