I gave in to Temptation…



I know, I know…

What can I say I’m a self confessed shopaholic!

I could have a bought the whole collection (gasps*)…but I didn’t! Staple pieces darlings that’s all and of course Pink, Pink, Pink! But I vow not to wear any dresses to any Christmas/New Year parties for fear of total embarrassment (I have no idea why people wear the EXACT same outfits (stunned!?)*).

I was surprised at just HOW MUCH stock they still had left as… *JIMMY CHOO for H&M*

sold out in Hours!!

It seems LAVIN H&M was not so popular…thoughts?


I thought the Japanese market would be the prime place for sales of brands due to the 30% share they have in the Brand fashion market, たぶんね、collaborations are not the thing over here, are日本の女の子women too picky when it comes to shopping!?

わかりません、でもone thing I do know, is that after living over here. I definitely have gotten used to the great customer service and hospitality that CANNOT be beaten worldwide (or I’m yet to find a better example).


So I guess the two go hand in hand Shopping service & quality assurance. While discussing this yesterday I found that women basically “…buy Brands to give themselves an identity and try to set their personally status level higher and higher, by buying European brand which have a great image!

I’ve never seen so many high school students with LV bags or Chanel…


I mean no offense but I doubt that was the image Coco CHANEL or Mr Vuitton had when they created their luxury brands. IT was supposed to represent a lifestyle and I still believe that is the case in Europe. However in Japan you can see everyone (even teenagers/women without an inch of sophistication) and their grandma clutching a Designer handbag.

I mean what’s the point of having a status symbol without the status?

I’m not critising those who buy them, but it’s basically “giving brands free advertising”! I’d never thought of that before as I also buy “Brand” Items…

Not to give myself an identity, but for the quality assurance and for the pure and simple style factor. As high street fashion brands or “fast fashion” (as they call it in Asia) just mimic the runways.

So the question is are fast fashion brands the new Brands?

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