What a Glorious…


I have to Admit, when I was “Window Shopping” next door at Diesel 2 weeks ago, I wanted to drop in to have a latte. Maybe it’s just me, but I hate to sit alone in public places to eat/drink especially newly opened hang outs.

But from outside this place looks pleasant enough…

The interior is right up my alley too…

Chic & Comfortable!

Oh no, I spoke too soon…

Chicken with a White wine cream sauce for RyRy…

There’s always a dilemma for me when I’m dining out with friends. As I never order the same dish even if I want it, I just don’t see the point (and most of the time I have a bite of theirs anyway!)

so what was I left with?

あの、マジですか? オンリー 2 choices…?

Spicy Beef curry or something obviously not note worthy as it’s completely slipped my mind!




But at least it doesn’t have a raw egg on it like A LOT of dishes do over here. After watching ROCKY eat those 6 raw eggs (vomits*) I just can’t bring myself to eat one, sorry!


ジョーク? I really couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this less than appetizing dish in front of me! It must be a JOKE!? But oh no, they really served ME a curry looking like this!?

RyRy’s Comment:

“It tastes like Christmas, oh wait like a ginger bread cookie!”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it’s supposed to taste like curry (blank stare*)! I know I’m not a master chef…but I do eat out A LOT, so I have quite a fine and varied palette, and this had to be the WORST curry I’ve ever eaten BY A LONG SHOT!!

When all else fails…

I can ALWAYS rely on ニューヨークCheese Cake!

Yes, Yes, Yes!

Thank goodness they had a tasty スイツセレアウション  to make up for their pitiful “3 Dish Lunch course!”

It’s just my opinion…

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