Doin it!

オススメHIP HOP Trax

by LL Cool J

Yes, I’m one of those “Ladies Love Cool James”

He is the ultimate Ladies HIP HOP artist… swoon much?

CLassic 90s hits!!


I love Slow Jamz… ummm!

“…[LeShaun] Doin it and doin it and doin it well [3X]
[LL Cool J] I respresent Queens, she was raised out in Brooklyn…”


“…[Tokyoama] Doin it and doin it and doin it well [3X]
[Ax] I represent Tokyo, she was raised out in B’ham…”

(sorry I couldn’t resist! My man is a serious lyricist so he’d probably say I butchered the song! Oh well!)


“…Don’t you dare stare, you betta move, Don’t ever compare, Me to the rest that’ll all get, sliced and diced, Competition’s payin the price…”

“Hey Lover”

“…I’ve been watchin’ you from afar, for as long as I can remember, You are all a real man can need, and ever ask for, this is love, this is more than a crush…”

“Not acting on our feelings is the only thing that seperates man from beast!”

I always say you can look, but don’t touch! Flirting is harmless…it’s giving in that makes you weak.


“…Ain’t nobody does me better, Makes me happy, makes me feel this way, Ain’t nobody, does me better, You can take it girl, stop runnin’, uh…”

Of course everyone knows the original hit by Rufus & Chaka Khan! It’s a 10/10!

“The road less traveled is ours to explore…” I love these lyrics, it really sums up my life! I think inspiration is found in the least desirable places and when most unlikely. As I have found love, when I had completely given up on it at the beginning of the year…it showed up on my doorstep! (After I vowed never to love another musician again, oh the irony! They are my love and Music is theirs… I guess I’ve got to get used to it!)

On a lighter note…(sorry sometimes I get a bit carried away!)

If you want to explore new MUSIC & Social circles…?

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