RIO Sayonara Japan


I don’t know why this didn’t update earlier? ummm…

Well it was RIOくんのラストイベントです!ちょー久しぶりです、あまりしらなかったです。RIO was like a different guy…but in a great way!


I guess spending a year in JA really changes people for the better.

Maybe I need to go over there and give myself a well earned rest!?



It’s been a while since My girls and I graced the ダンスのシーン!

All Smiles & laughs…. I’m in all black everything for once! Is it me or do my eyes look kinda blue?

Freaky or hot, How art thou?

It was so funny when I walked in to the Ladies WC, Harunoちゃん couldn’t have looked any more surprised to see me! I love surprises and surprising people myself, as the girls had no idea I was planning to go.

It had been like 2 months since we all went out!

RIO RICH & My Dance hall King I-VAN….

They are both wearing white pants and Rep Weekend Warrior streetwear brand by MSL


Hoop earring AZUL by Moussy, Necklace by Jill Stuart, Jacket D&O, sheer Shirt from H&M, brasserie Victoria’s Secrets, Leather look skirt F21, Topshop Fishnet tights, Marc by Marc Jacobs studded Clutch.

It’s funny how somethings NEVER change…I think even if I leave Japan and come back 5-10 years later, Bodega will still be the same with the same family of friends! But actually there were alot of faces I didn’t recognise the other day, ummm….

だから、It still feels like home. The first place Marshall Law introduced me to and the Birth place of Reggae in Japan thanks to MIGHTY CROWN.

そうだ? MIGHTYどこで、I actually never see them around,  I guess they are all too busy traveling around the world playing at hot spots.


I still really love this rhythm.


Marshall Lawもほんとにありがとうございます! My big Brothers!

I want to wish RIOくん all the best in JA! Rep MSL International…It’s a shame he’ll miss BAYHALL COMBAT! But I’d swap places with him in a nano second!

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