A Day that felt like Spring…

Bay Quarter

やっぱり、on a fine monday afternoon…after taking the dogs to the park we make our way over to BAY Quarter. It was actually my first time (minus taking the シーバス to みなとみらい) and no doubt my last!

I had serious déjà vu… “1985” this area must have been built the year of my birth!


Are you hungry?

おなかすいてる? うん、何が食べたい?

Tu as faim?

Tienes hambre?

ピザとパスタ,大丈夫? はい!

This pizza had to have had the thinnest base ever, but it was surprisingly good, and the salmon and spinach pasta filled the spot even though I didn’t have much appetite. Nonetheless, the service was wonderful…

Now time to find out what bay quarter is all about!? Baby & Interior shopping check, levi’s check, Kaldi check…. now what’s next?


There are absolutely NO other shops worth mentioning, unless you include the 30-50% off sports store where I bought a pair of cute gray/pink Adidas Originals Knee high socks!

On to the next…


Hat from Uniqlo, Le Ciel Bleu Loop Scarf, Leopard print H&M Dress, French Connection Cardigan, always Vintage Jewellery.

So after watching トロンLegacy…. I was left with my usual headache (those 3D glasses do my head in literally).

As the day turned into night…

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