British “HUB” Winter visit

…For a Fish & Chip Supper

It had been a LONG time coming!

So finally we managed to meet up and Chat, which was a great way to spend an chilly evening in Tokyo.

The grub & cocktails are always great… I had an Amaretto Ginger for the first time in ages and I had forgotten just how refreshing it is. As I usually tend to stick with a glass or two of Umeshu, kahlua Milk and or Malibu pine or white wine of course.

People are always surprised when they meet me for the first time, especially while drinking in a bar. When they find out that I DON’T drink beer… (coming from England it’s a MUST) in fact I despise the stuff, BITTER does not describe the foul taste in my opinion! I still believe it’s a “Man’s” drink and still cringe when I see women sipping a glass/pint of Beer as it just looks so completely UN-ladylike!

The Pizza was interesting (Salmon & Mashed potatoes with Mayo) Kanaさん hates Mayo as does my man so I’m getting used to not eating it finally.

Have you ever heard of “DRY CURRY”??

Well neither had I until that night… I’m not one for breaking good old habits so I just stuck to the fish & Chips plus a couple slices of pizza which was rather pleasing to my taste buds I have to confess.

If you are from England and visit Japan I recommend you stop by HUB if you fancy some good old fashioned British feast.

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