NiNEDragon Update*

The aftermath…

DJ TES was hooking up the entrance lounge with heavy beats most of the night with AXIS

THE NIGHT was rocking crazy beats all night long…

I really admire DJ’s that still stay true to the art form and SPIN 12″ LP’s because that IS an art form in itself. And TES has a HUGE collection, I think that’s so cool to still collect LP’s I mean they are so rare these days.

Love to all REAL DJ’s… including DJ SN-Z & 8MAN who just kill their sets every time I hear them at GET SILLY or else where!

MC Kan was the man of the hour!

Even though I still can’t understand Japanese Rap I was feeling his hip hop beats!


My new fave Chick… her Shiiiiiiiiiii is rocking like crazy! I love her stuff! I really can’t wait till she does a drawing of me. Her style is HAWT too! Loving the military look, that’s one style I never caught onto…too late?...

Blazer from Ted Baker, Lace front Dress from F21, Belt from TOPSHOP

art is off the chain!

The night was great I just wish some more of my girls came over and checked the night out! I watched the Piece come together and I was astonished just how quickly it appeared, but that’s what you have to do as a graffiti artist… time is money or jail rather!

But I met some cool peeps, artists, musicians and loads of fun people so All’s well that ends well.

SHIRO is by far one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met! And more exciting news She has asked me to be a body painting model or MUSE! WOW I’m honored… just got to quickly lose a few pounds!

More Music & More Art

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