La nouvelle rédactrice en chef de Vogue Paris

C’est Emmanuelle Alt

Quelle suprise? Non, C’était le seul choix possible!


Quatre Looks D’Emmanuelle Alt…


What do you think?

STYLE iCons 2011 worthy? Let’s wait & see…

Well personally I think my sister would have made a great editor in Chief at French Vogue! Actually she is the one that got me obsessed with magazines (Now they are all I read pretty much…novels what are they?) in the first place as she has been collecting them for years.

Let’s hope that the future of French Vogue is in good hands. I’m sure she will do a great Job.

C’est magnifique.

I’m sure there are thousands of women gunning for her out there as they would probably give their left arm & leg all to work for Vogue! (Probably wouldn’t be much use!)

Sacrifice, sacrifice and more sacrifices must be made to achieve your goals.

….Oh well one can still dream.

But I still wonder what made Carine Roitfeld quit in the first place? She’s planning to pursue “personal projects”. Everyone including myself thought that she would succeed Anna Wintour when the time came….

“I like to have something every month that is – how you say? – not politically correct. A little bit at the limit. Sex, nudity, a bit rock’n’roll, a sense of humour. That is very French Vogue.”

10 years of hard work and for what? I love a bit of controversy myself mind you and she never failed to stretch the limits of that quivering boundary.

Now what?

Bonne chance!

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