Twenty Eleven

First Day Rituals in Japan

It’s traditional for Japanese people to visit a Shrine or Temple on January 1st.

The most poplar shrine is Meiji-Jingu located in near Harajuku stn & Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa. Both have queue’s of up to 3hrs before you can reach the bell. So I advise that you go on or after the 3rd to escape the lines (within the first week is customary).

Iseyama Kotai-jingu Shrine.

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This particular shrine was introduced to me by my good friend Yumiちゃん last year.

It was built in 1870, dedicated to the Sun Goddess “Amaterasu Omikami”. It is usually called by its nickname, “Oise-san (Ise Shrine) of Kanto (the East)”. It is the grand guardian god shrine for Yokohama drawing large crowds of people making their first pilgrimage of the year during the New Year holidays to pray for their happiness and prosperity in the coming year. It is visited throughout the year for such occasions as the celebration of a child reaching the ages of three, five and seven as well as flower-viewing.

So I decided as I was in Yokohama yet again for the New Year celebrations why not go again, but this time just my man & I.

Even though my man couldn’t be any less religion or superstitous I forced him to pick a Fortune slip “Omikuji” (おみくじ) & so did I, for one I’m really superstitious and also for the simple fact that the last 3 years I’ve received the best fortune dai kichi(大吉).


Strangely we both received very good fortunes Kichi (吉). One thing I wasn’t happy about was the fact that it stated an “Ex lover” would return to the scene. No thanks.

The past is in the past for a reason.

But on a good note. I received this very thoughtful & cute keychain as a gift.

The 3 wise men turned into 7?

Seven Lucky Godsなの? そうです、わかりました。


I hope it brings me all the good luck & fortune I need for this year.2011

A song which represents a new beginning & fresh start


“What am I supposed to do?”


Isn’t that what life is all about… searching for our heart’s desire. I hope this year will be just as if not more memorable than the last.

Hopefully finding our way closer to reaching our dreams.

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